What does Gaveling measure?

Some people wonder what Gaveling measures. They ask if it measures whether a judge is "good" or "bad." When it comes down to it, Gaveling measures judges on four things:

  • Whether the judge is strict, lenient, or neither;
  • Whether the judge is on time, kind of on time, or not on time;
  • Whether the judge is plaintiff-friendly or defendant-friendly, or neutral; and,
  • “Overall” how the judge was.

This is not measuring, necessarily, if the judge is “good” or “bad.” The most important aspects of a judge cannot be measured by a four-question poll. (However, we hope that the comments box can shed some light into that!) 

The four-question poll is very useful - especially to attorneys - as it allows attorneys to evaluate how a being in front of a certain judge will affect their case.

The comments box on Gaveling allows attorneys, witnesses, parties, and laypersons to remark on other essential characteristics of a judge, such as:

  • Whether the judge appears to be ethical
  • Whether the judge can listen and communicate
  • Whether the judge has common sense
  • The judge’s level of experience and education
  • The judge’s character and demeanor
  • The judge’s impartiality
  • The judge’s ability to manage a caseload

The comments box on the Gaveling app also allows those practicing in front of the judge to weigh in on other factors that might be important to them, such as:

  • If the judge has any particular protocols or court procedures that they expect an attorney to follow
  • How specific the judge wants an attorney to be when stating the court rules, their attorney pin or ID numbers, etc.
  • Other unique or interesting things about the court in which the judge presides

Mostly, Gaveling holds judges accountable. If they are terrible and rude, it will be known by attorneys, by the public, and hopefully to anyone voting for the judges.

Gaveling provides transparency by giving the people who are in front of the judge every day to have some power in judging their own judge.