What is Gaveling?

Gaveling is a tool that allows you to rate judges.

Specifically, Gaveling allows you to look up and search for judges that you will be in front of by either name or by court.  You can find your judge quickly and easily.

Once you find your judge, you can see how others have rated him or her based on their flexibility, their timeliness, if they are biased in favor of one party or another, and overall how the judge is. There is also room to leave comments.

The comments section is meant for helpful tips for others appearing in front of the judge. It is also meant for explanations about how the judge operates her courtroom. It is not meant for defamatory, threatening, or unhelpful commentary.

Lastly, if you click on "My Profile," you can see the judges that you have rated in the past. You will also see your screen name, title, and an optional information that you wish to share about yourself. 

The goal of Gaveling is to create a new level of transparency in the judicial system and to provide helpful information to attorneys, laypersons, and voters.