Gaveling allows users to rate judges on four categories:

  • If the judge is on time or not;
  • If the judge is strict or lenient;
  • If the judge is plaintiff-friendly, defendant-friendly or neutral; and
  • "Overall" how the judge is.

The app also has a comments box for attorneys and others to post their comments about the judge.

Why was Gaveling created?

Gaveling creates a new much-needed level of transparency in the court system. This new level of transparency helps parties, witnesses, attorneys, and voters recognize which judges are good and which ones are not. It gives a voice to those who were previously voiceless and promotes the spread of information and judicial accountability.

Gaveling also provides invaluable information to attorneys. Knowing whether a judge tends to favor one side over the other, or tends to pressure parties into settling, or is always over an hour late to the bench can help attorneys advise their clients and present their cases appropriately.

Overall, Gaveling gives us increased knowledge, rewards preparation, kindles creativity, encourages an innovative and cutting-edge law practice, and allows us to best represent our clients.  And that is why Gaveling was created.